The Joto Traditional Building Preservation District, where the Mitsukuri Hotel is located, was once a thriving post town and merchant district along the old Izumo Kaido road, connecting Izumo and the Kinai region. The town layout and numerous historical and cultural resources from that time still remain.
We are dedicated to enhancing the stay of all those who visit this historical and cultural town. Positioned at the heart of the Joto district, designated as an Important Traditional Building Preservation District, our hotel offers easy access to nearby historical museums and traditional buildings.
We invite you to experience the unique history and culture of Tsuyama during your stay at the Mitsukuri Hotel. We sincerely look forward to welcoming all of you.


  • Check-in 16:00~19:00
  • Check-out 11:00

Smart Lock and Unmanned Check-in System

We have adopted an unmanned hotel system that utilizes Japanese-designed remote keys, eliminating the need for in-person check-in and check-out at the front desk.


A smart door lock system is installed at the entrance.


Please press the four-digit code sent to you in advance via email, followed by the asterisk (*), and then unlock by tapping the illuminated keypad in numerical order.


Input the required information on the tablet at the entrance for check-in.


You can enter the room by unlocking it in the same manner as the entrance's smart lock system.

*Both the entrance and the room have automatic locks. The entrance locks immediately after entering, while the room locks five minutes after entering.

Entranceway Shoe Rack

― Please, feel free to come in. ―
In Japan, it's common to have a step at the entrance, and when entering a home, shoes are removed, and you need to take one step "up."
At our hotel, to accommodate our many guests, we have provided a shoe rack at the entrance. Please take off your shoes before coming inside.


Right as you enter the entrance, there is a shoe rack (shoebox) right in front.


Put your shoes inside and take out slippers.


Please remove the wooden tag. This wooden tag serves as the key to the shoe rack.

Wi-Fi Connection Service

To ensure our guests have a comfortable stay in their rooms, we provide internet and Wi-Fi connection services in all rooms.

Our hotel provides internet connection services to our guests free of charge. Please note that all configurations should be made at your own responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages caused by unforeseen interruptions or malfunctions of this service.
In cases of misuse or damage to equipment during the rental period, we may charge for the actual expenses incurred.
This service is a best-effort service and does not guarantee communication speed, quality, or connectivity.




Air Purifier

Electric Kettle

Hair Dryer





Radio Clock

Tabletop Mirror

Desk and Desk Chair

Desk Lamp


Charging Cable

Air Conditioning




Body Soap

Bath Towel・
Body Towel

Face Towel




Cotton Pads・Cotton Swabs


Hand Soap

Deodorant Spray

Clothes Brush




Breakfast 7:00~11:00
Coffee Break 10:00~17:00
Lunch 11:00~
Dinner 17:00~20:30

You can enjoy breakfast and dinner at "Terakoya Cafe Jin" on the first floor of our hotel.
*Advance reservations are required.
*Please note that these meals are not included in the accommodation fee.


Address: Postal Code: 708-0833 73 Nishishinmachi, Tsuyama City

If you are arriving by car:

  • Chugoku Expressway Tsuyama IC → 6 minutes by car
  • JR Tsuyama Station → 5 minutes by car
  • JR Higashi-Tsuyama Station → 3 minutes by car

If you are using the bus:

[From JR Tsuyama Station]

  • JR Tsuyama Station → Take the Chutetsu Bus heading towards Gyoho, Maguwa, Katsumata, and get off at the Yogaku Shiryokan Entrance. → 3 minutes on foot
  • JR Tsuyama Station → Take the Gongo Bus and get off at the Nishi-shinmachi station → 2 minutes on foot

[From JR Higashi-Tsuyama Station]

  • JR Higashi-Tsuyama Station → Take the Chutetsu Bus heading towards Tsuyama Station and get off at the Tenjin-bashi station → 7 minutes on foot
  • JR Higashi-Tsuyama Station → Take the Gongo Bus and get off at the Nishi-shinmachi station → 2 minutes on foot

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